Auto Insert (AI)
Surface Mounting
   Assembly (SMT)
Manual Insert (MI)
  PCB Assembly Sub-Contracting

Auto Insert (AI) Section

Part Sequencer Jumper & Axial Jumper & Axial Radial

Through Hole Assembly:
  1. Eyelet / hatome (Diameter 1.6mm ~ 2.5mm)
  2. Jumper Wire and Axial Component (5.0mm~12.5mm pitch)
  3. Radial Component (2.5mm ~ 7.5mm pitch)

Surface Mounting Assembly (SMT) Section

SMT Production Floor SMT Production Floor

Surface Mount Machines
  1. Epoxy Glue and Solder paste Printer with 2D Inspection & Inline Solder Paste Inspection Machine.
  2. Able to mount 0603 ~ CSP , BGA & others.
  3. N2 reflow oven & normal air reflow.
  4. Automated Optical Inspection checking

Manual Insert (MI) Section

Production Line Functional Check Functional Check PCB Cutting Machine

Manual Assembly with Wave soldering Machine.
  1. In Circuit Tester (ICT Machines)
  2. Automatic Solder Inspection Machines
  3. Inline Inserting and Touch-up Conveyor